Corrin, knight of the butterfly

This small and mischievous halfling can steal the purse of your belt, then thank you for finding his lost purse


Corrin, the sneak-thief of the group. And he’s very good at. There’s no lock he can’t pick, no trap he can’t dissarm, no lie to big for this cheeky halfling. He learnt his skills on the streets of …, and became quite popular within the criminal underworld. A few years back he was contracted to steal the crown jewels of silverstar, which are quite valuable. He was able to get all the way through the palace to the treasure room, broke in- the first to do so in the history of silverstar, secured the loot, left the room and ran smack into the princess and the Mistress of Butterflies. The three then had a lying contest, which grows with each telling, and has a different winner depending on who’s telling the story. Anyway, they were at it for so long that a group of guards arrived and arrested the poor fellow. Thankfully, the Mistress of Butterflies took a liking to Corrin, and instead of imprisonment he now has to follow all of the archfeys instructions. He was instrumental in the wardrobe incident two years ago.

Despite his past, he is a very trustworthy and honourable fellow, and has become well liked amongst the people of silverstar. Queen Eliza, however heavily disapproves of him.

Corrin, knight of the butterfly

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