Jake, Knight of the Butterfly

A young and shy man, he is just coming to terms with his new powers and elevated station.


Jake is a tall, handsome young man of 19, with well developed muscles thanks to his work in the mines. He prefers to dress in simple plain clothes, and isn’t keen on being the centre of attention. This shyness makes him nervous around people he doesn’t know, especially if they have authority over him.

Until recently, Jake worked in the mines, but after an eventful evening involving a lot of spiked booze he became a warlock pacted to the Mistress of butterflies. Suddenly a host for a large amount of arcane power, he felt displaced from the mines. Not sure what to do, his patron encouraged him to join the city guard, for reasons unknown to him. His skill with magic and his high intelligence, coulpled with a lot of prodding from the Mistress of Butterflies, caused him to be reassigned to the knights of the butterfly, where he met Princess Ana.

Jake, Knight of the Butterfly

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