Princess Ana, commander of the Silverstar city guard

The young and beutiful prinecess of Silverstar, she commands the city guard with a mixture of love and respect.


Princess Ana is the young and beutiful princess of Silverstar, and will one day be the ruling monarch. She is much loved by the people of Silverstar, but none more so than than the city guard, whom she commands as part of her duties as succseor to the throne.

The Princess is a 16 year old girl with green eyes and long blond hair. There is an exotic touch about her features that none can quite put a finger on, thanks to her heritage of generations of fey warlocks.

She can be see wearing either the latest court fashions or her practical golden armour, which signils that she is the overall commander of the city guard, and is quite conftable in both, and she is often adorned with purple jewelry depicting buterflies.

Equally at home in both the royal courts and in the barracks, Princess Ana is the perfect candidate for any mission of diploamcy, and she takes any excuse to leave the confining palace with a select group of guards known as the knights of the butterfly, named after her patron fey, the Mistress of Butterflies. These kinghts are the only members of the city guard allowed to bare the royal crest, which they do so with great pride.

As Commander of the City Guard, Princess Ana is expected to perfect her leadership and management skills, which she’ll need when she becomes queen, but Ana has gone above the call of duty and turned the city guard into a competent fighting force, although they still havent fought in any engagments so far. In order to do this, she had to insist on tough training exerxcies and drills, althogh in a show of solidarity she often accompanies the guard on such exerxcises. Princess Ana is currently thinking of loaning the City Guard out to other kingdoms, so that they can get some real combat experiance, but keeps putting it off incase something goes wrong, and people die.

Another aspect of Princess Ana’s duties is training as a fey warlock. 4 years ago, on her 12th birthday she made a warlock pact with the Mistress of Butterflies and began learning the secrets of the arcane. Like her farther before her, she is showing a great apptitude in it, and is likely to be counted among one of the greatest spellcasters one day.

In addation to the pact, Princess Ana and the Mistress of Butterflies have become fast friends, and everytime the archfey visits the city they spend a lot of time together, though not always to great effect as the archfey’s childish and mischivious behaviour often rubs off on the normaly mature Princess. Many people still disscus the wardrobe incident, despite the fact that it happend two years ago.

Thanks to several of Princess Ana’s diploamcy trips Silverstar is begining to devlope a wider reputation beyond a name printed on the side of a box of gems, and a small group of travlers and adventurers have come to see the great palace-city for themselves. This has helped increase the diversity of races living in the city as many travlers become enraptured with life in a palace.

Princess Ana, commander of the Silverstar city guard

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