The Mistress Of Butterflies

A minor archfey with a childish attitude, she is the patron fey of the royal family of silverstar.


So, you wish to learn about our patron, The Mistress of Butterflies? Well, for starters, she isn’t human, or of any other mortal race. She is a fey creature, and none can understand her complex and alien mind. Despite this, she puts on a childish personality, acting like a mischievous little girl of six, and loves it when we spoil her, wheather with gifts, stories or food. All of us here are quite fond of her, even if she does pull of the most horrendous pranks. We are still discussing the wardrobe incident two years back. Her number one partner in crime is none other than Princess Ana, if you can believe it. The Mistress’s personality quickly rubs off on you, and our mature princess is quite susceptible to it.

She usually takes on the appearance of an adorable six year old girl with bare grass-stained feet- never understood that myself, and a pair of large purple butterfly wings which she flys around on. At least, that’s the appearance she takes on most of the time, for she is an archfey of illusion and trickery, and can take on almost any form.

Due to an ancient oath, every blood member of the royal family must make a warlock pact with her at the age of twelve. I was one of the lucky few who got to see princess Ana’s pact ritural. First the king, in ceremonial robes brought forth the princess, whom you could already tell was one day going to be a great beauty, to the alter of Corellon up in the temple. Then the mistress arrived through the portal, surrounded by an entourage of nymphs, gnomes and halflings, and the ancient bond between the house and the fey was renewed. From where I was sat, near the back, it seamed a rather informal affair, and from that meeting the two girls became fast friends, almost like sisters in fact, and we began to the mistress more often around the corridors of the palace. She doesn’t come in here often though.

In addition to her childish side, she has quite a romantic side as well, and loves to play matchmaker. She is currently looking for a partner for Princess Ana, and her chosen victim is Jake, a recent addition to the knights of the butterfly. I don’t know whether to pity or envy the guy.

The mistress can also grant boons to people, provided that they bring a good gift and are willing to perform some sort of favour. Most people come to see her about her vast knowledge of dragons, a subject in which she is considered quite an expert, though I suspect this is so that more people will come vist her as she enjoys being the center of attention.

The Mistress Of Butterflies

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