Events of the last 5 years

So you wish to know about the events of the past 5 years do you? We’re currently living in interesting times at the moment I can tell you that.

Well, 5 years ago, the dragonhold woke up, and the dragon Vixacorith appeared as if from nowhere. Now, all the northern towns near the shinning mountains are constantly being raided- good bit of work for a mercenary up there at the moment. Rum or has it that he seeks out silverstones, and who wouldn’t? But you needn’t worry too much about that, as we’re quite safe up here. The ghost king of Greywil declared his successor, his great grandson Marc and only living relative. The kingdoms of Nonidava and Iroguth began the construction of a Colossal Galleon, a magically enchanted clockwork ship- if you can beleve such a thing- that should be capable of crossing the great sea.

4 years ago, Princess Ana turned 12, undertook the pact ceremony to become a warlock with the Mistress of Butterflies. She also began her duties as commander of the city guard, under the watchful eye of captain Denlyn. The dragonraids, as they are being called, worsened, to the point where the military kingdom of Arcothon built a large military outpost to defend the region.

3 years ago, and captain Denlyn retired from the city guard, claiming that it was in good hands with the then 13 year old princess something quite unprecedented. The princess also went on her first diplomatic visit the the dwarf kingdom of kaz-tarik, where she was well received by the king and his counsel.

2 years ago, there was the wardrobe incident- trust me, the less you know about it the better. The kingdom of Iroguth built the Great Clock Tower, and it’s chimes can be heard all across the great plain, and if the winds blowing right, even here! A new set of ruins from the great empire was discovered in the kingdom of Mitheyril, and the dragon king there will pay heavily for someone to go and reclaim it’s treasures, but so far all adventuring groups to venture down there have yet to return.

Last year the princess turned 15, and a dozen suitors appreaed seeking her hand, but she turned them all away, claiming she isnt seeking love at the moment. Well, this set of the romanticist in the Mistress of Butterflies, and she has spent the last year looking for someone for the princess to fall in love with. Her chosen victim is the miner turned warlock Jake, who thanks to a lot of proding from the archfey, is now a member of the knights of the butterfly. There was also a sharp decrease in the number of kobold raids up north, still enough to keep a military presence, but not as violent as before. I wonder what that dammed dragon is up to?

This year, whilst only half done, has also been eventful. The Collosal Galleon was finished, and they are now seeking a crew, if you don’t mind the possibility of never returning home again. The princess has turned 16 and completed her warlock training, and Jake joined the knights as well, but they are no closer to falling in love than they were a year ago. And finally, in the past couple of weeks, travleres have mentioned a slight vibration in the Deep Tunnel, but I say that’s probably the result of spending 3 weeks underground with no fresh air.

Events of the last 5 years

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